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PIA and freenode joining forces

12 Apr 2017

As announced on the freenode blog, VPN provider Private Internet Access (PIA), a longstanding sponsor, are deepening their involvement with the IRC network today as they join the board of the non-profit that runs it. christel, freenode’s project lead, is also joining PIA full time, with an operating budget and duties to continue running the project, alongside a role as Director of Sponsorship and Events at PIA.

Asked in #freenode IRC whether this represents a change of ownership or management for the network, christel replied:

21:15:22 PIA has joined the board of directors of the not for profit entity and will be providing funding,we will continue to operate as an NFP and existing sponsors have been aware of the announcement ahead of time, so far none have chosen to part ways with us

21:16:03 (i remain a director of the NFP alongside a PIA representative)

21:16:20 they will not be involved in day to day operations

She also had this to say about the future of the network:

21:26:38 [i trust PIA] and i like to think that i am making the right decision for me and for freenode in doing so and i very much hope that we will prove that we’re here for the greater good :)